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Our Story 

Our Founder, Ron Alexander, was born in 1942 in Bloomington, Indiana, and embarked on his aviation journey at 14 with his inaugural airplane ride in a military C-119 as part of the Civil Air Patrol. By 16, he was soloing an Aeronca Champ and obtained his private license at 17 while working at the Bloomington airport. He balanced his passion for flight with academics, enrolling at Indiana University in 1960, joining the Air Force ROTC, and eventually graduating as a Distinguished Military Graduate. 


His career soared as he transitioned to the United States Air Force in 1964, piloting C-130s across the globe before serving in Vietnam, where he earned accolades including the Distinguished Flying Cross and 2 Air Medals. Post-military, Ron joined Delta Air Lines in 1969, piloting various aircraft and eventually retiring in 2002 after 34 years of service.

In 1979, he founded Alexander Aeroplane Co., a leading supplier to aircraft builders and restorers, and later sold the company to Aircraft Spruce and Specialty. Ron's entrepreneurial spirit continued with the acquisition of Stits Poly-Fiber, Inc., and the establishment of Atlanta Aerospace Composites and Accessory Overhaul Group.

A passionate advocate for aviation, Ron founded the Candler Field Museum, an airpark development, and a youth program aimed at fostering aviation careers. His legacy lives on through his contributions to aviation literature and his enduring impact on the industry. Tragically, Ron's life was cut short in 2016 while piloting a Curtis JN4D, leaving behind a remarkable legacy of over 25,000 hours of flight and a fleet of cherished antique aircraft.


A Commitment

To Our

Business Partners

At Atlanta Aerospace, we view our customers as valued business partners. Our dedication lies in delivering top-notch Turnaround Times (TATs), resulting in decreased AOG (Aircraft on Ground) durations and amplified cost efficiencies across the spectrum.

Pilatus PC12.jpg
Pilatus PC12.jpg

Our Vision

Atlanta Aerospace, a pioneer in composite and radome repairs, consistently broadens its range of services and solutions to meet the evolving needs of the aviation sector.

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