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Soaring High!

"What a great month we had here at Atlanta Aerospace. We are so thankful our industry is recovering and thankful for each and every customer we have. From our team being out in the field getting hands on with our customers, to a luncheon to celebrate the best month the company has had in over a year, the team at Atlanta Aerospace gets it done day in and day out. There is no better feeling than to be able to see this team work together and everyone contributing to the success of the company. I look back at how far the company has come since my return last August and am so proud of how far along this group of people have come. #Thefutureisnow #Timetosetnewsalesrecords"

- Michael Cook, Sales Manager

Accountable Manager, JJ Fields, and Sales Manager, Michael Cook, set up early to get the low country boil rolling for the employees to enjoy as their Friday lunch.

The feast is laid out with the help of JJ Fields and Shop Lead, Thomas Beat.

Employees gather around as General Manager and President, Regina Alexander, gives a few inspirational words regarding the accomplishments of the company and as Warehouse Manager, Billy Jones, leads the group in blessing the food.

Our company is grateful for our dedicated employees and we are happy to say that our first ever low country boil was a success! We look forward to many more successful months with the best team in Aviation!

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